Pharmacy benefit coding mistakes are costly and disruptive. Once a benefit is selected, you need to know it’s performing as intended, with the right mix of cost control and member choice.

RxSense’s adjudication engine is built on a common sense, intuitive architecture with a modern design which delivers all this—and the peace of mind that comes with it.

Finally, a value chain that delivers your plan objectives in every category.

  • Single National Partner icon

    A single, national partner.

    RxSense directly owns and/or operates each pharmacy benefit component. A single, reliable team administers your benefit plan from end to end.

  • Technology icon

    Progressive technology.

    Elegant, modern and HIPAA-secure, Amazon Cloud-based technology that’s built for easy implementation and deployment. Provides reliable and accurate claims processing, with access to the data you need to understand performance and manage your plan.

  • Customer service icon

    Unsurpassed customer service.

    An account manager you know. Regular plan performance reviews. Savings you can see. Projections that make sense. Backed by Six Sigma operational discipline.

  • Member service icon

    Friendly, efficient member service.

    Guaranteed response. Easy, intelligent interactions. A simple member portal with powerful consumer tools to make good financial choices.

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