Business Accelerators

Here are some platform capabilities, contract opportunities, and analyses we refer to as accelerators. 

Some accelerators may offer you a cost-of-goods or speed-to-market advantages, such as:

  • Open network of over 65,000 pharmacies, with the flexibility to use as a wrap

  • Pre-contracted specialty

  • Pre-contracted and expansive specialty limited distribution drug wrap

  • Pre-contract home delivery

  • 24 / 7 /365 member and pharmacy contact center

  • Formulary management and rebate administration and support

  • Pre-contracted prior authorization via our turnkey, full-service partnership; or self-service technology to operate your own program, with deep API integration with RxAgile

  • Clinical programs - full clinical program support, with starter lists and templates; as well as a number of pre-vetted partners with leading programs in adherence support, member engagement, pharmacogenomics, and more

  • Member portal and native iOS and Android apps that operate in your brand; or leverage our APIs to outfit your own member tools

Other accelerators focus on optimizing your business by automating the resource-intensive business management solutions every PBM needs through RxIQ which operates on real-time data:

  • A contract rules management system engineered for PBMs that enables automation in delivering you key business information—without an army of analysts:

    • Performance Management Tracker

    • Financial Guarantee Tracker

    • Network Performance Tracker

    • Pharmacy Guarantee Tracker

    • Surplus/Deficit Tracker

    • Much more

  • Repricing Tool: Key to underwriting, with your network contract elements (ours or your own) loaded in the simple UI, reprice a huge set of claims in just a few minutes (remember when that used to take weeks?)

  • Automated MAC Management: built on advanced algorithms and machine learning, optimizes your book of business based on your objectives for your business and your clients. Deploy your analytical resources on strategy, rather than day-to-day tactical execution

How's that for delivering intelligence at the speed of your business?

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