Real-time data that can empower your daily business intelligence?


Plus direct access makes custom reporting easy.


RxAgile changes the game with its integrated, cloud-based RxIQ

analytics environment. Grant access levels for anyone from staff to clients and partners.


Dashboards & Reports

Easy-to-use, dashboard-delivered analytics with simple drill-down capabilities enable deeper insights and investigation, and powerful self-service ad hoc reporting and analysis tools on real-time data that make it possible to avoid the delays of ad hoc report development requests. Here are just a few of the standard reports and KPIs included on the standard dashboard.




Comparative Analysis
M-o-M |  Q-o-Q | Y-o-Y

Plan Paid PMPM

% Utilizing Members


Generic Dispense Rate (GDR)

% Specialty Cost

Member Cost Share


Executive Summary


Comparative Analysis

Monthly | Quarterly | Full Year

across Organization

hierarchy levels

or multiple

performance metrics


Ad Hoc Reporting

Custom selection of data

dimensions and measures


Specialty Drug


Comparative Analysis
Monthly | Quarterly | Full Year

Specialty Total Cost PMPM

vs % Specialty Total Cost

Specialty Cost vs

Specialty Cost/Rx


Top N Drugs by PMPM


Specialty Top N Product Names


Drug Group

Trend Analysis

Ranking by

Total Cost PMPM

or Plan Paid PMPM

Current vs

Previous Comparison Period


Claim Level Detail

Claim level view of data fields

RxIQ delivers intelligence at the speed of business.

"We are proud to be partnering with an innovations-driven company like RxSense."


Analytics to revolutionize your business

With RxIQ, you know sooner, can course-correct faster, and more quickly optimize your plans. It has easy-to-use, dashboard-delivered analytics with simple drill-down capabilities . You can even provide your downstream clients with a private-labeled "news stand" environment where they can view and retrieve branded reports—or simply schedule those branded reports that you pre-configure for delivery right to their inbox.

​RxIQ's strength is really in what you can do with all that data. Set up real-time alerts to clinicians or plan management to notify them about clinical or financial items. Or take advantage of our groundbreaking PBM Financial Operations module that leverages automation and machine learning to help you manage your PBM financial operations and performance. Now that's revolutionary.

  • Repricing Tool

  • Financial Dashboards and Reports:

    • Contracts

    • RxSense-Affiliate Financial Guarantee Tracker

    • Affiliate Performance Management

    • Pharmacy-RxSense Guarantee Tracker 

    • Pharmacy Network Performance

    • Surplus/Deficit Tracker

  • Mac Management

  • Business Rules Engine


Delivering Proactive Strategies

Sophisticated algorithms — based on considerable expertise — and machine learning deliver intelligence before you need it

It's just data until you can apply analysis to it. Then it becomes true business intelligence, information you can use to optimize plans in ways that meet your business objectives while making a positive impact on your member's experience. And you don't have to wait 3 months to see an issue and another 3 to make changes. Imagine:

  • Plan performance enhancement opportunities without the wait.

  • Instantaneous alerts on financial and clinical concerns – along with a link to dig into the details.

  • Member cost experience and improved health outcomes all in their app and portal.

RxIQ_PharmacyAnim 4.001.jpeg

PBM business management just got easier

​The days of manual analysis and development workarounds are over.

Real-time, actionable business intelligence is a huge timesaver by itself. But if you have to wait for a 9-month development cycle to implement the benefit changes you need, then you almost wonder, "What's the point?" That's the beauty of RxAgile. We built it so that users with the appropriate permissions can simply configure the benefit changes to optimize your plan — without waiting for IT resources or "coding" changes. The hardest decision you’ll make is whether you should implement your plan optimization changes before or after lunch.

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