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Go beyond reading outdated reports – use timely business intelligence to make adjustments in real time, for true control.

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Chart your own course.

Control + insights, all in one place.

Leverage deep insights into real-time data to transform business performance and optimize member health and savings with our integrated analytics platform.


Manage tedious financial PBM functions with a click, and rest easy with automated, customizable alerts 24/7.

It's insight that inspires.

Proactive Strategis

Intelligence Applied Proactively

Our sophisticated pricing algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence analyze your data in real time to deliver intelligent, proactive strategies. This streamlined technology creates an immediate positive impact on member experience, with automated plan performance, instant financial and clinical alerts, and improved member health and cost outcomes.

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Analytics That Revolutionize Your Business


Know sooner, course-correct faster. Includes standard features of easy-to-use dashboards and reports, configurable alerts, and proactive strategies always current and accessible right at your fingertips.


Optional modules are also available, such as our PBM Financial Operations module. It captures all essential aspects of pharmacy and client contracts – including definitions, drug classifications, exclusions, channel designations, the rules for interplay among all contract elements, and more – to streamline and automate business development support and your financial business management.

The New Standard

Custom Reporting

Custom reporting, simplified.

Intuitive, ad hoc reporting delivers business insights and analytics, in real time.

RxSense business intelligence software for healthcare creates actionable insights, accelerates your business, and changes the game of pharmacy benefits management.

Healthcare innovation

We are a leader in SaaS technology for healthcare delivering innovative solutions with integrated intelligence.

Unifying your ecosystem

Connect your pharmacy ecosystem on a single platform, at the speed of now.

Claims adjudication optimization

Empowering pharmacy benefits management and claims adjudication by simplifying complexity.

Business analytics for healthcare

Chart your own course with critical, actionable insights + control all in one place.

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