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Real-time data that can empower your daily business intelligence?

Plus direct access makes custom reporting easy.


We changed the game with our integrated, cloud-based analytics environment.


Access, drill down, create ad hoc reports on real-time data for maximum insight – any time, anywhere.


Know sooner, course-correct faster. Includes standard features of easy-to-use dashboards and reports, configurable alerts, and proactive strategies always current and accessible right at your fingertips.


Optional modules are also available, such as our PBM Financial Operations module. It captures all essential aspects of pharmacy and client contracts – including definitions, drug classifications, exclusions, channel designations, the rules for interplay among all contract elements, and more – to streamline and automate business development support and your financial business management.

The New Standard

RxIQ video
RxIQ delivers intelligence at the speed of business.

"We are proud to be partnering with an innovations-driven company like RxSense."


Analytics to revolutionize your business

Can you imagine what you can do with all that data? We can, and we did.  Take our groundbreaking PBM Financial Operations module, for example. It leverages automation and machine learning to help you manage your PBM financial operations, maximizes performance, optimizes revenue, and supports business development. 


Delivering Proactive Strategies

Sophisticated pricing algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning analyze data across your pharmacy benefit ecosystem to deliver intelligence and proactive strategies. Meet your business objectives while making an immediate positive impact on member experience. Imagine:

  • Automated plan performance 

  • Instantaneous alerts on financial and clinical opportunities 

  • Improve member cost experience and health outcomes

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Flexibility is inherent in all that we do

You bet we've changed the game.

From our transformative business and service models to pick and choose accelerators, our scalable adjudication platform to customizable reporting and alerts (with everything available in your brand), we believe in providing you with options. It’s your business our solution simply makes it easier to do it faster and more efficiently. You’re welcome!

What else would you like to learn about today? 


Transformative Model

Transparency, control, flexibility are all long over due. We got here as fast as we could.



This is table stakes for us. Find out just how well we do this.


Service Model

We're here for you. In the way we wished our PBM was there for us and wasn't.



Dig into more details about the claims adjudication engine that could.


Business Accelerators

Whether you're new or been there, we've got an accelerator for you.


Security & Continuity

We're rather proud of all the badges we've earned and the downtime we haven't had.



Beyond reports, data, and analysis, find out how to optimize your business.



Our recommendations leverage automation and machine learning.


Who We Are

Learn more about our leadership and why we decided to build these platforms.

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