As a software company, we are focused on developing the platform functionality required to support our clients’ needs. Consultation and collaboration around tactical and strategic system solutions begins with your account team. Expert users of RxAgile, as well as seasoned PBM professionals, are your expert guides to system functionality and how to achieve your aims within RxAgile. Should new functionality be required, we have a process for our clients to request new functionality. And because of this collaborative approach, we can bring new programs to market faster than our competitors because our platform is highly configurable, and our teams release code on a continuous basis. 


New functionality requests are initiated on the client’s behalf by the client support team or by the client directly, at the JIRA-based client portal. These requests are vetted by the product/engineering group, with client consultation as needed for solutioning and defining requirements. This evaluation process is generally completed within 45 days for larger initiatives. We proactively communicate the status of the request, and real-time status is also available for self-service via the JIRA-based client portal.

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