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Pharmaceutical Marketing

Connect with price-shopping patients

Our Pharmaceutical Marketing services put your brand in front of highly engaged patients on the hunt for prescription savings. We offer unique marketing opportunities tailored to your target audience.

Achieve your strategic objectives by working with our resourceful team of industry insiders.


of SingleCare visitors land on brand drug pages


of SingleCare users already have a prescription in hand


targeted placement opportunities available

RxSense holds major advantages over the competition

We routinely beat our biggest competitor on price

We do not rely on third-party technology to set drug prices

The only pharmacy savings brand with a free loyalty program

Improve conversion by marketing to high-intent
patients looking for affordability support

Increase utilization of brand copay and patient
support programs by integrating messaging and a call to action in brand drug pages

Inform engaged patients via targeted placement 
opportunities on relevant blog content pages 
(drug, disease, condition type)

RxSense’s pharmaceutical marketing solutions can help.

Join the great brands already advertising with RxSense

Start marketing to the right people at the right time.

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