Transformative Model

Unlike other technology partners in the market, it is not our business approach to lock our clients into our modelinstead, we are specifically structured to support your growth

We want to equip you with complete visibility into your business (no black-box pricing), remove the barriers to bringing their own business model preferences to life (not forced to use another PBM’s mail and specialty), and enable self-service in your business at a timeline that meets your needs.


We are able to do this because our business is oriented to pass-through offering of our cost of goods. Instead of adding margin to drug costs, our primary revenues are the administration fees associated with use of our technology, RxAgile & RxIQ, and any optional fee-based PBM business accelerators you choose.


Our approach to supporting private-label customers is entirely flexible. Some PBMs are just beginning their journey looking for everything, soup to nuts, to get to market faster, give them time to hire and train, and sometimes to achieve a cost of goods their volumes might not support—RxSense can help with a full-service model, operating most functions on the client’s behalf and providing pre-contracted partners.


Other PBMs are mature businesses, just needing a more advanced technology, to help them be more efficient and leverage the scalability of a cloud-based platform. RxSense can also support this model, where the client independently operates all or most functions, and selects their own vendor partners.


We support these models—and anything in between—and are flexible as needs change over time.


Whether just starting out or an established enterprise, our business accelerators and fresh approach are truly differentiating—taking your ability to manage your PBM business to new heights and new levels of efficiency.

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Transformative Model

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