How to Onboard a New Member

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In Just 3 Easy Steps

Business Plan

Pre-qualify the patient

Ask the patient the three simple questions below to determine if they qualify to become a new member and enjoy pharmacy benefits savings.

Computer Programming

Add a new member

Add a new member in RxAgile. The guide below will walk you through it. Remember to get the member's cardholder ID for the card.

> How to add a new member

Office Meeting

Create new member card

When you click the button below, a PDF form will open. Enter new member name and cardholder ID in the PDF and simply print the card for the new member to use at any participating pharmacy.


Pre-qualify Patient

Ask the patient the following questions:

Assess for prescription drug coverage
Do you have prescription insurance and, if so, who is the insurance through?

  • Uninsured patients will likely be a good candidate.

  • Insured patients: gather information on income below to determine eligibility.


Evaluate patient financial status
What is your total household income and how many people are in your household?

  • Recommend qualified patients need to be at or below 400% of FPL to qualify for this card.


Identify medication adherence opportunity

Have you skipped doses of prescription medications due to a financial hardship and/or had difficulty paying for prescription medications in the last 12 months?

  • Yes would indicate a patient who would most likely qualify for charity card, especially if income level is at or below 400% of FPL.

  • No, depending on answers above, may not be a good candidate.


If the patient meets all qualifications, log into RxAgile to add our new member.

Need clarification? Review the training program or contact:

Patrick Leinauer
Sr. Manager, Ascension Patient Medication Assistance Program (APMAP)
t: 636-362-4367

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