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Cloud-based, secure, scalable adjudication

—with no downtime?


Makes Sense. 


Whether you’re an established Pharmacy Benefit Manager or just starting out, RxSense will transform your business.

And you won't find us competing with you in the marketplace

Business Plan

Transformative Model

  • Pass-through Cost of Goods

  • Real-time, transparent intelligence

  • Total flexibility to choose the right service model

Computer Programming


  • Single source of truth via APIs 

  • Supporting clinical processes and improving care delivery

Office Meeting

Service Model

  • Client-centered approach, unrivaled in excellence

  • Strategic and tactical teams to ensure success 

We are your technology partner.

Some PBMs are just beginning their journey looking for everything to get to market faster. Other PBMs are mature businesses needing a more advanced technology, to be more efficient and leverage the scalability of a cloud-based platform. Whatever your objectives, we're here to help you to achieve them. Without the restrictions that come with other market players.

If you have your own partners for Cost of Goods or Clinical, our API-based platform ensures your speed-to-market with its flexible interoperability. Or, if you’re looking for a very competitive Cost of Goods, our optional business accelerators are pre-contracted and pre-loaded with an excellent cost position and fast market entry. Our fresh, flexible approach lets define your own pharmacy ecosystem, with no required partners or vendors – you’re in charge and you're not locked in. 

  • Pass-through Cost of Goods

  • Transparency

  • No Black-Box Pricing

  • Flexible Service Levels: Full Service – Self Service

  • Bring Your Own Partners

  • Optional Pre-contracted Partners (Mail, Specialty)

PBM Adjudication

Our advanced cloud-based platform for the transparent, comprehensive adjudication and administration of pharmacy claims.

Business Intelligence

Our real-time analytics platform that puts in-depth analysis on your dashboard and insights you can act on and deploy immediately. 

Business Accelerators

 Available (but not required) to improve speed-to-market and Cost of Goods positioning with our pre-contracted partners or automated analysis.

Superior Support

Our industry-leading service model delivers the right mix of technological and operational support, what and when. you need it, 24/7/365.

Our Award-Winning Technology Platform

Our lightning fast claims adjudication is fully integrated with real-time analytics to put you in complete control of your pharmacy benefits management – in real-time, all the time – all in your own brand.
  • Intuitive and user friendly
  • API-based interoperability
  • Certified secure, stable, auto-scalable

Along with always available, integrated analytics for in-depth, real-time business intelligence.

It all starts with a great adjudication platform that just works.

Regardless of your current pharmacy benefits business model, we have the platform solutions and expertise to power your growth intelligently. ​​


Transformative Model

Transparency, control, flexibility are all long over due. We got here as fast as we could.



This is table stakes for us. Find out just how well we do this.


Service Model

We're here for you. In the way we wished our PBM was there for us and wasn't.



Dig into more details about the claims adjudication engine that could.



Beyond reports, data, and analysis, find out how to optimize your business.


Business Accelerators

Whether you're new or been there, we've got an accelerator for you.



Our recommendations leverage automation and machine learning.


Security & Continuity

We're rather proud of all the badges we've earned and the downtime we haven't had.


Who We Are

Learn more about our leadership and why we decided to build these platforms.

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