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Discount Cards

Drive affordability and adherence

RxSense provides the contracted pharmacy network—along with the technology, pricing, adjudication and reporting capabilities—necessary to power discount card solutions.

Partnership opportunities 

With RxSense, the possibilities are endless:

Digital health and consumer savings apps can benefit their members/users by integrating SingleCare savings into the product experience

Employers, brokers, and health plans can extend prescription savings to their employees and members using a white-label version of the SingleCare card and service

Telehealth companies and EMRs/EHRs can add SingleCare processing info to e-prescriptions to help their patients afford their medications

Downstream marketing partners can earn affiliate marketing revenue by distributing SingleCare cards and growing utilization

Pharmacy benefit administrators (PBAs) can leverage our network, adjudication platform, and pricing and reporting expertise, while maintaining their own BIN and brand

SingleCare branding or white label 

Standard or custom pricing

Monthly commission statements or custom reporting

Prescription prices displayed via standard landing pages or API integration

Generic or branded Member & Pharmacy Support lines

Flexibility and choice

RxSense is flexible when it comes to partnering. Working together, we will decide whether the Standard or Advantage Plan is the right model for you.

Ready to partner with RxSense?

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