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Pharmacy Solutions

Three ways to increase customers and grow revenue

RxSense has the technology, industry experience, and marketing expertise to provide custom solutions for pharmacy partners. Our solutions typically fall into three categories.

Savings Clubs

With RxSense, pharmacies get a partner and technology-provider they can trust to build and grow their savings programs, including:

Pharmacy-branded savings club website and/or pricing APIs

Management of subscriptions and enrollment fees

Administration of eligibility and clinical rules

Formulary management and pricing support

Marketing support and education for consumers and pharmacy staff

Promotional and transactional member communications

Claims adjudication, reporting and analytics 

Digital Marketplaces

RxSense offers a white-label Digital Marketplace product that returns prescription pricing across multiple discount cards with a single search. Our offering includes:

Pharmacy-branded marketplace platform that can be consumer-facing or used behind the counter

Direct contracts and API integrations with marketplace participants

Dashboard with top of funnel website analytics

Unique processing information to enable seamless measurement of claims 

Consumer marketing and pharmacy education support and services 

Additional feature enhancements available

Contact sales 

Contact sales 

Cost-Plus Savings Programs

Regional providers and grocers benefit from our high-touch partnership model and cost-plus savings programs characterized by: 

Market insights and consultative education 

Custom MAC lists to meet strategic objectives

Competitive prices without a race to the bottom

Low fees and margin accretion

Win-win value proposition

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Don’t get left behind. 

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