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RxIQ® Business Intelligence

The data-driven insights your business demands

With RxIQ Business Intelligence giving you real-time access, the dark days of huge staffs, hundreds of spreadsheets, and juggling contracts are over.


software for security and scalability


dashboard analytics

Reporting tools

to significantly lower implementation risk

Streamline your PBM business with the most powerful standalone analytics platform on the market.

Unrestricted real-time access to your own data. Dig down to the member/claim level and monitor trends easily.

Reprice claims with a click. Tedious financial functions are made easy, so you can course-correct faster to optimize more effectively.

Simplify complexities. Tasks such as monitoring upstream and downstream contract variables can now be managed in a single place by a single user.

Unrivaled training and operational support. Industry experts provide personalized training, with our best-in-class support staff available 24/7.   

Secure, certified, and reliable. RxIQ Business Intelligence is HIPAA-compliant, and HITRUST- and ISO 27001 -certified, and subjected to four external audits per year. Translation: your information will stay secure and your SaaS technology reliably online and functional.

The RxIQ Business Intelligence toolset includes:

Analytics Suite for Operational and Core
Clinical KPIs

Clinical Advanced Suite for Adherence, 
Therapeutic Trends, and Therapeutic Alternatives

PBM Financials Suite to help manage your PBM 
business, including the claims Reprice Expediter

Standard Quarterly Business Review, offering easy customization with your commentary and recommendations

Automated distribution to your downstream clients

Additional ad hoc tools

Ready to get started? 

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