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One platform, for all possibilities.

When our clients succeed, we succeed.

We are a leader in SaaS technology for healthcare, enabling innovative solutions with integrated intelligence on a single enterprise platform that connects the pharmacy ecosystem.

Forward-thinking technology, with elegant efficiencies.

By tapping into our deep expertise and modular, modern platform, our partners chart their own course by leveraging real-time data to transform their business performance and optimize their innovative models in their marketplace.

RxIQ Solutions

It's solutions that transform.

Enterprise Solutions are designed for PBMs of all stripes — private-label, traditional, existing, and new. Whether you own your own pharmacy assets or are just getting started, or need a tech upgrade as an established PBM, we offer the leading enterprise platform and optional business accelerators to get you to market, quickly. And we do it all without competing with you.

✓   Adjudication

✓   Analytics

✓   API/Interoperability

✓   Optional business accelerators

✓   Financial management tools

✓   Branded member tools

✓   Transparent, pass-through cost of goods

✓   Flexible operations support model

‘‘ We are proud to be partnering with an innovations-driven company like RxSense. ’’

Innovation that accelerates change.

Improving pharmacy benefits management, with systemic technology disruptions that create needed economic efficiencies.


An interview with Michael O. Leavitt, former Utah Governor and U.S. Secretary of Health & Human Services, and Rick Bates, CEO & Founder of RxSense.

RxSense Team

Meet The Leadership

RxSense business intelligence software for healthcare creates actionable insights, accelerates your business, and changes the game of pharmacy benefits management.

Unifying your ecosystem

Connect your pharmacy ecosystem on a single platform, at the speed of now.

Claims adjudication optimization

Empowering pharmacy benefits management and claims adjudication by simplifying complexity.

Business analytics for healthcare

Chart your own course with critical, actionable insights + control all in one place.

Healthcare disruption

We are a leader in SaaS technology for healthcare delivering innovative solutions with integrated intelligence.

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