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RxIQ® Price AI

Manage contract performance with AI pricing optimization

Technology that captures the contract rules of your network, monitors your up- and down-stream guarantees in real time, and automates pricing optimization to reliably achieve defined performance targets.

Capture contract details

and monitor performance in real time

Automate price optimization

to achieve contract guarantee performance

Set guardrails

to minimize price variance

The power of AI

RxIQ Price AI automates pricing optimization, a complex and labor-intensive process traditionally managed manually by PBMs and often resulting in missed targets. Now you can confidently meet your objectives with fewer resources, allowing you to remain focused on managing your business.

Precision deployment

Once you’ve defined your objectives, RxIQ Price AI gets to work. Precision control allows RxIQ Price AI to respect your tolerance for price variation, while still driving to your objectives. You set the guardrails, and you retain control.

Improve margins or pass along savings

Optimized pricing management can help you achieve overages against guarantee commitments to pharmacy chains and clients. RxIQ Price AI empowers you to set and monitor the right strategy for your business, ecosystem, and client base.


Whatever your objectives, RxIQ Price AI will help you achieve them. 

Ready to optimize?

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