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RxIQ® Autosave

Automatic savings at the counter

Seamless and automated price comparison technology that ensures plans and members always pay the lowest price available.


funded benefit pricing to discount card pricing

Full data integration

for the payer


accumulator updates

Simple and efficient with no slowdown 

RxIQ Autosave monitors claim traffic at the switch, pre-adjudication. It looks for pre-selected drugs in claim submissions from your network pharmacies. Discount card pricing is made available in real-time via API for price comparison to the funded price and for accumulator accuracy and plan use.

Immediate benefits for PBMs, payers and members

PBMs can now offer:

Full data integration for the payer, whether a funded benefit price or a discount partner price is selected

To automatically accumulate integrated discount card claims to the benefit, with no extra administrative burden or paperwork for the PBM or the member

Add an integrated
benefit offering

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