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Easily configurable pharmacy benefits and plan management with real time analytics on demand?

All in one.


Our model is transformative in every way.

We are specifically structured to support your growth – not lock you into any specific  model.


Unlike other pharmacy benefit technology companies in the market, we want to equip you with complete visibility into your business, remove the barriers to bringing your own business model preferences to life, and enable self-service in your business at a timeline that meets your needs. 


What's better for your business?



Traditional PBM and model

Outsourcing to your competitor

Pass-through, transparent cost of goods

From full service to self-service or best fit 

Per claim, fee-based pricing

Optional, fee-based business accelerators

Private label branding

Modern, cloud-based, secure and stable

Real-time, auto-scalable, multiple redundancies

Intuitive UI for non-technical staff to easily configure benefits, investigate claims, run complex queries or reports 

Data Driven Analytics Intelligence.jpg

Our technology is a game-changer.

Ready to accelerate your business?

We have optional business accelerators for those who want any, some or all of them to build or round out your pharmacy strategy. The advantages are speed-to-market, access to competitive Cost of Goods through pre-contracted rates, or extended platform capabilities that automate resource-intensive business operations. 

65k+ Pharmacies

Open network with flexibility to use as a wrap

Home Delivery

Pre-contracted mail order / home delivery service

Prior Authorization

Turnkey, full- or self-service 


Convenience, cost control and member-centered care

24 / 7 / 365

Client-specific member and pharmacy contact center

Clinical Programs

Full clinical and member program options

Limited Distribution

Configurable, and comprehensive specialty LDD wrap

Formulary & Rebates

Formulary management, rebate contracting 

Member Tools

Private-label portal / apps (or leverage our APIs for yours)


Extraordinary Service

Achievable when the underlying processes are proven and knowledge transfer is built-in.



Our client-centered, ongoing service approach means you have an entire team working to ensure your success – strategically and tactically.

Strategic Account Executive (SAE)

Your primary point of contact to your strategic team, responsible for Contracts, Growth / Profitability, Client Retention and PG Monitoring / Reporting.

Service Delivery Manager

Your primary point for all operational support and day-to-day requests, and are your product SMEs 


Flexibility is inherent in all that we do

You bet we've changed the game.

From our transformative business and service models to pick and choose accelerators, our scalable adjudication platform to customizable reporting and alerts (with everything available in your brand), we believe in providing you with options. It’s your business our solution simply makes it easier to do it faster and more efficiently. You’re welcome!

What else would you like to learn about today? 


Transformative Model

Transparency, control, flexibility are all long over due. We got here as fast as we could.



This is table stakes for us. Find out just how well we do this.


Service Model

We're here for you. In the way we wished our PBM was there for us and wasn't.



Dig into more details about the claims adjudication engine that could.


Business Accelerators

Whether you're new or been there, we've got an accelerator for you.


Security & Continuity

We're rather proud of all the badges we've earned and the downtime we haven't had.



Beyond reports, data, and analysis, find out how to optimize your business.



Our recommendations leverage automation and machine learning.


Who We Are

Learn more about our leadership and why we decided to build these platforms.

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