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Direct access to our unifying platform gives you unprecedented transparency into everything 
from benefit configuration to claims data.



Control your own destiny.

We’re empowering your pharmacy benefits ecosystem – without competing with you.

It's your business. We provide you the platform to manage any or all of it easily, intelligently, in real time – and provide unrivaled support and accelerators designed to maximize your success.


Real-time business intelligence keeps you nimble. Business accelerators give you flexibility and help you scale while speeding up your market impact. 


It's the power to disrupt.


What's better for your business?



Traditional PBM and model

Outsourcing to your competitor

Pass-through, transparent cost of goods

From full service to self-service or best fit 

Per claim, fee-based pricing

Optional, fee-based business accelerators

Private label branding

Modern, cloud-based, secure and stable

Real-time, auto-scalable, multiple redundancies

Intuitive UI for non-technical staff to easily configure benefits, investigate claims, run complex queries or reports 


RxIQ Enterprise | Our Unifying Platform

Pharmacy benefits technology hasn’t kept pace with the rapidly evolving demands of the market. Those who want to innovate have their hands tied by overly complex, inefficient technologies full of friction.


With RxSense, you're in control of defining your pharmacy benefits strategy and ecosystem, on a single, unifying, transparent platform – all while receiving unrivaled operational support that flexes from full- to self-service according to your need.


RxIQ Enterprise is the single SaaS platform that empowers all of your offerings, centralizing data and functions that have traditionally been distributed across multiple vendors.

RxIQ Solutions

Enterprise Solutions are designed for PBMs of all stripes — private-label, traditional, existing, and new. Whether you own your own pharmacy assets or are just getting started, or need a tech upgrade as an established PBM, we offer the leading enterprise platform and optional business accelerators to get you to market, quickly. And we do it all without competing with you.

✓   Adjudication

✓   Analytics

✓   API/Interoperability

✓   Optional business accelerators

✓   Financial management tools

✓   Branded member tools

✓   Transparent, pass-through cost of goods

✓   Flexible operations support model

Business Accelerators

Ready to Fast-Track?

Our optional business accelerators get you to market quickly. Mix and match according to your need, on your timeline. Scale easily with competitive, pre-contracted cost of goods – use our partners/services or your own. You call the shots.

65k+ Pharmacies

Open network with flexibility to use as a wrap

Home Delivery

Pre-contracted mail order / home delivery service

Prior Authorization

Turnkey, full- or self-service 


Convenience, cost control and member-centered care

24 / 7 / 365

Client-specific member and pharmacy contact center

Clinical Programs

Full clinical and member program options

Limited Distribution

Configurable, and comprehensive specialty LDD wrap

Formulary & Rebates

Formulary management, rebate contracting 

Member Tools

Private-label portal / apps (or leverage our APIs for yours)

Enabling Client Success

Service Model


Our client-centered, ongoing service approach means you have an entire team working to ensure your success – strategically and tactically.

Strategic Client Success Executive

Your primary point of contact to your strategic team, responsible for Contracts, Growth / Profitability, Client Retention and PG Monitoring / Reporting.

Service Delivery Manager

Your primary point for all operational support and day-to-day requests. They are technical experts in platform capabilities. 

RxSense business intelligence software for healthcare creates actionable insights, accelerates your business, and changes the game of pharmacy benefits management.

Claims adjudication optimization

Empowering pharmacy benefits management and claims adjudication by simplifying complexity.

Business analytics for healthcare

Chart your own course with critical, actionable insights + control all in one place.

Healthcare innovation

We are a leader in SaaS technology for healthcare delivering innovative solutions with integrated intelligence.

Unifying your ecosystem

Connect your pharmacy ecosystem on a single platform, at the speed of now.

Security Badges
HIPAA Compliant
ISO 27001 Certified
AICPA SOC 1 Type 2
AICPA SOC 2 Type 2
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