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TroyRx Taps RxSense to Power Prescription Savings for OptionRx

TroyRx, an industry leader in prescription software solutions, announced a partnership with RxSense that advances the TroyRx mission to improve the prescription experience for providers and patients and for RxSense to continue to help more Americans with access and adherence to needed medication.

RxSense’s technology will help to power TroyRx’s prescription discount card, OptionRx, and enable consumers and patients to save up to 80% on their prescriptions at thousands of retail pharmacies nationwide. Troy’s OptionRx drug discount coupons will be available to patients directly through or through the health provider-integrated solution, DischargeRx.

“We’re pleased to partner with TroyRx to bring RxSense’s prescription savings solutions to the health systems and providers that are reaching patients at the point of care, and to help more people across America access lower-cost prescriptions,” said John Zevzavadjian, President of Enterprise Platform Solutions for RxSense.

“Healthcare providers recognize the need to deliver price transparency and affordable options directly to patients at the time of prescribing. Those efforts can mitigate cost-based medication abandonment and hospital readmission,” said Craig Baldassare, General Manager of TroyRx. “Our new partnership with RxSense grows our patient-centric network infrastructure, increases the value it can bring to more patients, and improves the prescription experience for providers and their patients on complex therapies. Providers using TroyRx solutions can directly impact medication adherence and help health systems avoid revenue losses from readmission penalties.”

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