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EmsanaRx Selects RxSense to Power Its Pharmacy Benefits

RxSense® is thrilled to announce its partnership with EmsanaRx, a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) structured to align with the interests of large employers. To further its mission to increase transparency for its employer clients, EmsanaRx is partnering with RxSense to provide modern, cloud-based technology and full access to plan performance data to help employers make more informed purchasing decisions and more efficiently alter their benefits.

EmsanaRx is the first company launched by Emsana Health, an innovation studio created by the Purchaser Business Group on Health (PBGH) to tackle the largest problems facing employers today. PBGH is a nonprofit coalition of nearly 40 large private employers and public healthcare purchasers committed to transforming healthcare nationwide. EmsanaRx is a pharmacy benefit manager built by employers, for employers.

“Through this partnership, we can improve how effectively we serve our large employer clients because RxSense has a proven technology solution that enables enhanced performance and delivers actionable data and analytics,” said Greg Baker, CEO of EmsanaRx. “Our clients who have been frustrated by underperforming legacy systems and black box PBMs, are now able to have a transparent experience to help them realize substantial cost savings by leveraging the RxSense platform.”

RxSense was built to reinvent how businesses manage the pharmacy benefit ecosystem. With a sophisticated architecture yet simple to use interface, the RxAgile® platform provides clients with a variety of customizable solutions to meet their business needs, eliminate resource waste and bring care to patients more efficiently. RxSense’s analytics tools offer convenient and secure access to actionable health plan performance insights and pharmacy claims data in real time.

“PBGH has rolled out a groundbreaking model for employers with EmsanaRx and our leading-edge enterprise technology platform helps them fulfill their mission to empower employers to build their own solutions for pharmacy benefits,” said Rick Bates, founder and CEO of RxSense. “Through this partnership, large, self-insured employer clients of EmsanaRx can now take control of their own pharmacy benefit plan management, have transparency on cost and access performance data in real time to enable greater efficiency and, in turn, drive substantial savings.”

EmsanaRx: Empowering Employers with RxSense

RxSense’s cloud-based enterprise platform and proprietary technology will provide EmsanaRx clients with unparalleled control, flexibility and transparency – from offering access to claim-level detail, to allowing changes to copay structures or pharmacy networks – enabling substantial operational cost savings. RxSense also features innovative RxIQ analytics, providing user-friendly dashboards that offer clients deeper data insights on both clinical and financial plan performance, in real time.

“Our members told us they find most pharmacy benefits programs to be opaque, increasingly expensive and of varying clinical quality. They asked us to come up with a better solution,” said Elizabeth Mitchell, president and CEO of PBGH and chair of the EmsanaRx Board. “Large employers are very interested in EmsanaRx’s work to bring pharmacy benefit management back in line with the needs of their employees by offering greater flexibility and the ability to manage their drug spending. RxSense was chosen as the key partner to help us achieve this for employers.”