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Be your own PBM

It just makes sense

You understand your patient and marketplace needs best.
You already have the dispensing channels and knowledgeable staff. And with RxSense, you have the technology partner (not competitor) to enable your pharmacy strategy. 

Enabling your PBM with the technology and business accelerators you want, under your own brand.

Despite misconceptions, you can start with as few as 10,000 lives or 100,000 claims – without needing any additional staff.

Our advanced platform, RxIQ Enterprise, provides both adjudication and integrated analytics in a single platform. ​

Our API-driven system allows your enterprise to connect to other services and partners (yours or ours) – at the same time, providing the flexibility to pick and choose only what your team needs to operate under your own brand.

100k Claims

or 10,000 lives are all you need to consider becoming your
own PBM

Own Revenue

generated through your program while only controlling what you need to


dispensing channels, existing brand loyalty and resources to maximize revenue stream

Direct Control

and transparency from formulary customization to internal clinical programs


RxSense is a PBM enabler with intelligent SaaS platforms, not a competitor

Insourcing is achievable

PBM Business Management & Growth

Our groundbreaking PBM Financial Operations module leverages automation and machine learning to help you manage your PBM financial operations, maximize performance, optimize revenue, and support business development.


Elements included in this are a Reprice Expediter, Standardized Dashboards and Reporting for things such as Contracts, Financial Guarantee Trackers, Pharmacy Network Performance Trackers.

What's more, we provide sales and RFP support to help you grow.

No fee Private-Label PBM Opportunity Analysis

To demonstrate the value of RxSense technology and services, we will provide your organization with a confidential, no fee Private-Label PBM Opportunity Analysis. We’ll need a 12-month, historical pharmacy claims set from your organization. From that, we can then provide you with:

  • A Summary of Findings to identify potential opportunities and issues specific to your existing PBM contract and adjudication services

  • A Playbook to show your organization how optimizing your pharmacy strategy positions you to create a new revenue stream while improving productivity and reducing operating costs

Ready to run analysis on your opportunity?

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