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RxSense wins MedTech Breakthrough Award

RxSense®, the healthcare technology company empowering customers with software to optimize pharmacy benefits administration and maximize prescription savings, is proud to announce it has won the 2023 MedTech Breakthrough Award for Best Compliance Solution. With nearly 4,000 nominations from all around the world, RxSense was recognized due to its truly transformative technology that enables organizations to take control of their own pharmacy benefits with fast, flexible, and customizable solutions and real-time data insights to improve operational and financial performance—and ultimately deliver better care to patients nationwide.

Last year, the Public Health Emergency (PHE) response to the COVID-19 pandemic presented a myriad of challenges, including the government mandate on Jan. 10, 2022, for insurers to cover the cost of at-home rapid result COVID test kits by Jan. 15, 2022. To comply with the government mandate and ensure that members could walk into a pharmacy, pick up a test kit, and not have to pay anything at point of sale (POS), the RxSense team quickly aligned its resources for a swift response. In doing so, RxSense developed a solution that enabled all of its clients a short-term solution in place by Jan. 15, 2022 (just five days after the mandate)—and it did not require members to pay anything out of pocket, complete and submit any forms, or wait for reimbursement. RxSense quickly followed with fully customizable enhancements from quantity limits to pricing to benefits throughout the hierarchy by client and pricing. In doing so, our response and technology ensured the pharmacies that RxSense works with also have a positive experience with members at the point of sale.

This solution highlights the incredible flexibility RxSense built into its pharmacy benefits adjudication platform. Based on how sets of rules and lists can be inherited throughout any level of a hierarchy, new benefit configurations are simple using our innovative technology platform. This case study also highlights the flexibility and agility of the company’s cross-functional teams to quickly assess, distill, and solve problems in ways that benefit both our clients and their members.

Previous winners from other categories include GE Healthcare, Teladoc, Philips, LetsGetChecked, Boston Scientific, Babylon, Sony, COTA Healthcare, Sleep Number, LeanTaaS, Abbott, Invisalign, Elsevier, Amwell, and other impressive top companies and startups in the larger digital health industry. For more information about the MedTech Breakthrough Awards, visit



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